How To Host My Video Courses

We know the demand for online courses is increasing drastically. eLearning was there for a long time but it wasn’t very popular. Many people used to think that online courses are not authentic & they are not going to add any value to their resumes.

According to the research, the EdTech industry is all set to increase by 3.7 times in the coming years. Though EdTech was growing even before the Covid-19 but the pace of its growth was very slow. But, a drastic shift has been observed in the mindset of people after the lockdown of 2020. People are now investing lots of money in online courses to learn new skills or to polish the ones that they already have.

Online courses are highly interactive & they provide the ease to learn from anywhere, anytime. As the learners can easily watch the lesson again. This provides them the comfort to learn at their own pace.

If you have a desire to launch your online course then start working on it from today itself. Just like learners, teachers also have their own share of advantages. Teaching online gives them the freedom of being their own boss.

While starting your online institute, you will have to choose an LMS platform. As we know, video content is the most important part of the course curriculum because It takes a lot of time to create and edit them.

Being a creator, you would never want anyone to misuse your videos, right?

Hence, choose a platform that guarantees 100% content security. When it comes to content security & advanced features, you can trust Spayee.

How To Host My Video Courses

1- YouTube

YouTube is the most popular & the largest platform when it comes to video content. YouTube’s mobile application is installed on almost every mobile phone.

The best thing about YouTube is that you can upload your videos for free. Hence, if you are a newbie and don’t have money to invest during the initial days of your online institute, you can definitely start with YouTube.

To become a YouTuber, you will need to create your channel. Give a name to your channel that resonates with your online institute. Create videos for your channel & post them consistently. People will subscribe to your channel if you provide good content to them. So, make sure you are posting informative & engaging videos on your YouTube channel.

2- Vimeo

Vimeo is also a video hosting platform. As compared to YouTube, it has a much smaller user base. You have to subscribe to its paid version if you are hosting your online course on it. When it comes to security, Vimeo is more secure than YouTube. It gives you the control to give access to your videos to selected users only. You can also password protect your videos so that nobody can misuse your content. These features make it more reliable & trustworthy. The best thing about Vimeo is that it is fast and doesn’t include forced ad recommendations.

Vimeo also offers lots of marketing features like lead generation tools, and video analytics. It also gives you the option to add a call-to-action in your videos.

How to choose a more secure platform?

When you are starting your online institute, the best option for you is to choose an LMS (Learning Management System) like Spayee.

Spayee can help you in building your educational empire. They will help you in building your online institute’s website & mobile application. It also provides various features like email marketing, push notifications & many other sales tools like coupons & promotions to increase your online course sales. It also allows you to integrate Facebook Pixel so that you can measure the effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaigns.

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