Car accident attorneys in Los Angeles: Check the costs here!

Car accident attorneys in Los Angeles: Check the costs here!

You were injured in an unfortunate car crash in LA. Since California is a fault state, John you could sue the at-fault driver for their negligence or action. It is no secret that car accident claims are often complicated. Victims don’t get the compensation they deserve, and insurance companies only make things worse. If you are worried about the existing financial distress and have reservations about hiring car accident attorneys Los Angeles, we have an overview of the costs below.

There is no upfront fee

When you hire an attorney for a family law matter, you have to pay them for each hour of work. That’s the standard hourly rate that family and criminal lawyers charge. Personal injury attorneys are different. If the lawyer is interested in your accident claim or a potential lawsuit, they will take a contingency fee. The arrangement allows the lawyer to recover a fee if you win a settlement. The lawyer’s fee is a percentage of the final settlement you get. In other words, you don’t have to pay a lawyer immediately to use their help and expertise for your accident claim.

As for the fee, it depends on many factors. Experienced accident attorneys in LA often charge a higher percentage as their fee. If the case is complex and requires extensive work, the fee could be higher. The standard range is between 25% and 40% for most California injury lawsuits and accident cases.

What about other expenses of the case?

There could be potential expenses involved in pursuing an accident claim. For instance, the lawyer may have to use accident reconstruction services to prove liability, which obviously comes at a cost. Litigation and court costs may add up too. Other costs of the case are either paid by the client or directly by the lawyer. You can ask the attorney to advance the expenses until you get a settlement. This is usually an agreeable matter.

Find an accident lawyer soon

If you want to hire a lawyer for your accident (which you should), consider doing that early. You have just two years (as per the statute of limitations in CA) to file an injury lawsuit. Your lawyer can get into action immediately and collect evidence to improve your case. Lawyers can also deal with the insurance claims adjuster directly for you.

You can check on Google for local accident lawyer listings in LA, or ask around for references.