Discover the Premier Japanese Language Courses Online at Japademy

Discover the Premier Japanese Language Courses Online at Japademy

In this article, we’ll delve into why Japademy stands as the unrivaled choice for the best Japanese language course online. Let’s dive right in!

Japademy’s Journey into Japanese Language Education

Before we explore the pivotal factors that set them apart, let’s journey through the history of Japademy and how they came to provide premier Japanese language courses online. Japademy was founded in April 2020 during the initial COVID lockdown in Melbourne, Australia. As demand for online lessons surged, their teaching team expanded, and they began crafting in-house educational materials, including slides and handouts, to facilitate a seamless learning experience.

In September 2021, Japademy made history by launching Japanese Video Courses on their website and Udemy, making them the first Japanese language school to offer fully digital online access to video courses and live lessons with native instructors. 

Now, let’s explore the myriad factors that make Japademy the unrivaled provider of Japanese language education online!

The Pinnacle of Japanese Language Education in Toronto

1. Expert Japanese Instructors

At Japademy, they boast an exceptional team of native Japanese teachers, each with teaching qualifications and a minimum of three years of experience. Beyond their teaching expertise, their instructors are known for their friendliness and dedication to delivering practical and effective learning experiences. With Japademy, students receive top-tier Japanese education.

2. Effective Teaching Methodology

Japademy’s teaching approach follows a structured curriculum, introducing students to new topics or grammar concepts in each lesson. This methodology allows students to solidify their understanding by practicing with their skilled teachers. Additionally, Japademy’s teaching method incorporates cultural insights, enriching students’ understanding of Japan’s culture and customs.

3. Engaging Teaching Style

Japademy’s teaching style seamlessly combines the wisdom of its Japanese instructors with modern content. Their lessons start with a blend of spoken Japanese and English, gradually transitioning to Japanese-only instruction as students progress. Practical vocabulary, situation-based exercises, and cultural emphasis further enhance the learning experience.

4. Small Class Sizes

Japademy’s commitment to student success is evident in their small class sizes, typically ranging from 4 to 6 students. This ensures maximum engagement and allows their Japanese teachers to provide personalized attention and support. Students also benefit from stronger connections with their peers.

5. Additional Benefits

At Japademy, they go above and beyond to empower their students. Alongside regular lessons, they provide supplementary materials such as 105-minute lectures, learning slides, audio practice, handouts, and practice flashcards. Students receive certificates of completion for each level, validating their Japanese proficiency and boosting their motivation.

6. Video Courses

Japademy’s video courses are a game-changer, offering the flexibility to learn on any device. These engaging, concise videos cover speaking, reading, and writing in Japanese, reinforcing your language skills.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we’ve explored Japademy’s journey to becoming the preferred destination for Japanese language learning online. Their expert instructors, effective teaching methodology, small class sizes, supplementary materials, and video courses all contribute to their unparalleled offering.

As you embark on your Japanese language learning journey, consider these crucial factors to ensure a high-quality and effective education. At Japademy, they’re dedicated to empowering you on your path to mastering Japanese online classes.