Bira91 Launching Its First Taproom In DLF CyberHub: Key Insights

Bira91 Launching Its First Taproom In DLF CyberHub: Key Insights

Bira91, one of the world’s fastest-growing beer brands, is famous for bringing the beer revolution since its inception. Not only is the company famous for its beer but also for its pre-IPO stocks. Potential investors who want to earn a high return on their investment consider investing in Bira unlisted shares. However, the company is in the limelight for announcing the opening of its first Taproom at the upscale DLF CyberHub in Gurugram. This is the third launch of the brand in India but the first one in the Delhi-NCR region. If you like the Bira91 brand or want to invest in its pre-IPO shares, you must know about this launch. Without much ado, let’s get into the insights of the Taproom in DLF CyberHub. 

Bira91 – An Overview 

Launched in 2015 by B9 Beverages, Bira91 quickly gained attention amongst urban millennial beer enthusiasts for its delicious beers, strong identity and robust draft networks. The beer is curated with the creative urban drinker in mind, as the brand aims to disrupt the global beer world with 21st-century technology and its playful monkey mascot. Such a renowned name not only captured the attention of beer lovers but also potential investors who want to diversify their investment portfolio; that’s why most of them look for Bira share price. 

About Bira91 Taproom In DLF CyberHub

A few months ago, Bira91 announced the launch of its first Taproom in DLF CyberHub, Gurugram. Ever since its launch, the Bira91 taproom has gained the attention of every beer lover tremendously. Taproom is the ultimate destination for craft beer enthusiasts to experience unparalleled flavours of beers. After the launch of two-award-winning taprooms in Bengaluru, this is the third taproom launch by the company. 

The Taproom in DLF, Gurugram, was opened to the public on July 28, 2023, featuring an impressive selection of 16 beers on tap, carefully crafted to satiate every palate. The cherry on the cake is that the food menu was curated by a prominent chef, Vicky Ratnani, which will offer an array of mouthwatering dishes to complement the beer flavours. 

Major Insights Of Taproom

The Taproom launched by Bira91 offers an exciting opportunity for all beer lovers to explore a variety of luscious beers to embark on a journey of taste and innovation. Here are the key insights of the Taproom in DLF CyberHub, Gurugram: 

  • New Taproom at DLF CyberHub, Gurugram, is spread across an area of 3700 sq. ft. and can accommodate more than 120 people. 
  • The interior of the Taproom is inspired by the brewery process of beers, dedicated to four exclusive murals such as harvesting, milling, brewing, fermenting, and shipping. 
  • Taproom comes with an extensive variety of specialty cocktails curated exclusively by the popular sommelier Magandeep Singh. He offered us a unique and exclusive creation to amp up the drinking experience. 
  • The Taproom at DLF CyberHub, Gurugram, also has the first-ever offline Bira91 Merch Store exhibiting some of the most-loved merch from the brand. 
  • The place offers insight into the vintage and intricate art and science of brewing. The fragrance of hops, barley, and yeats fills the air, which is both invigorating and overwhelming. 
  • The Taproom serves as a venue for live experiences like music, sports screening, engaging beer education, pub quizzes, workshops, and tastings.

Talking about the launch of the new Taproom, Ankur Jain, Founder and CEO at Bira91, said, “As we continue our journey to build India’s largest D2C platform for beer innovation, we are ecstatic to bring the Taproom experience to Delhi NCR. Nestled amidst the buzzing CyberHub in Gurugram, the new Taproom serves as a haven for beer enthusiasts and becomes a catalyst for fostering the beer culture in the city. We are also excited to introduce Delhi NCR to Make Play Thursdays, where we release a new beer every week, actively engaging with consumers to gather feedback and craft brews that truly resonate with the aspirations of the millennium city. We are certain that Taproom will redefine the beer landscape in Delhi NCR, setting the stage for a future brimming with exciting, experimental, and flavourful beers.” 

Reading the statement of Ankur Jain, it is pretty clear that the future of Bira91 is bright as the company will continue to launch new products and taprooms in the market. 

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