Who Needs A Family Lawyer & When?

Who Needs A Family Lawyer & When?

Family law is any legal matter that pertains to immediate people in your life. This includes matters such as marriage, wills, estates, separation, divorce, child support, family violence, adoption and parental agreements to name a few. If you ever need any of these services, a family lawyer is key to dealing with the stress and emotions involved to reach the right decision for you. 

When Do You Need A Family Lawyer? 

Formulating a Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is a document that outlines how the division of property and spousal support will be worked out between a couple in the event of separation or divorce. It is often signed by both parties before they enter into a marriage or civil union.  This is an agreement that varies from couple to couple, and family lawyers are the ones who have the experience to assist in drawing the contract. They also handle any legal issues that arise from the contract at a later time. 

Going Through a Divorce

The breakdown of a relationship can take a large toll on a person emotionally. Adding in the long and complicated process of organising parenting and property issues can make it all the more difficult. Though it is not legally mandatory to consult a lawyer during a divorce or separation, choosing to do so can take a lot of the stress out of the procedure. 

Divorce lawyers have the specific expertise to make sure you understand each step of the legal proceedings. They can take you through this process with straightforward explanations and have access to mediation services to help you resolve legal issues. 

A divorce lawyer may even be able to settle negotiations outside of court, which will save you time and money while bringing your relationship to an end. 

Organising Parental Agreements or Child Support

One of the hardest parts of separation or divorce is the organisation of parental agreements for children. This is a sensitive undertaking that involves a lot of hard decisions, so having a good family lawyer to support you is helpful. These professionals will help parents come to a beneficial care agreement for the children. 

Any Family Violence Scenarios

Family violence comes in many forms, including controlling behaviour, and economic, emotional and physical abuse. People who experience family violence generally need a large amount of support from legal professionals as they can organise intervention orders and other safety measures a victim may need in this scenario. Most family violence lawyers also have specialised training in working safely with the victims and can understand their emotional state. 

If You Want To Undertake an Adoption

Family solicitors in the UK can help with the adoption process. This process is very complicated and it’s hard to get to the desired outcome. If you have a legal expert to guide you through these processes, it will be a world of difference. As the adoption process varies based on the circumstances, you will need specialised help to make sure it all happens smoothly. 

When Making Your Will

It’s vital at any age to organise a Will. This is what ensures that your property and assets pass to your loved ones in line with your wishes. As there are legal requirements that need to be considered to make a Will binding, it’s better to work with a lawyer. If you make any mistakes in drafting your will alone, there can be issues for your loved ones down the line. Family lawyers can help you with good estate planning and Will drafting, and even execute the will if needed. 

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