Financial Performance Analysis Of CSK In Last Five Years

Financial Performance Analysis Of CSK In Last Five Years

Financial performance analysis plays a crucial role in evaluating an organization’s overall financial health and success. In this context, this blog aims to analyze the financial performance of the Chennai Super Kings over the past five years. CSK, a noteworthy franchise in the Indian Premier League (IPL). 

However, assessing the financial aspects of the team provides valuable insights into its operational efficiency, revenue generation, and profitability. This analysis seeks to provide a deep understanding of CSK’s financial performance and its implications for the long-term sustainability in the unlisted share market.

Current Brand Valuation Of CSK

Chennai Super Kings, a popular team in the Indian Premier League (IPL), has consistently proven its brand value and commercial success. In 2018, Brand Finance recognized Chennai Super Kings as the most valuable brand in the IPL, with an estimated worth of USD65 million. In collaboration with UK-based Brand Finance, The Economic Times conducted an inclusive evaluation of the IPL and its franchise teams. 

In the evaluation report, Chennai Super Kings emerged as the top-rated team in terms of brand value during the  FY 2010-11 , with an impressive market valuation of $100 million, approximately ₹2.24 billion. The team’s brand value continued to rise, as highlighted by Brand Finance’s global evaluation in February 2013. Placed at 147th position among the top 150 most valuable teams worldwide, Chennai Super Kings was valued at $46 million, trailing just behind the Mumbai Indians. 

In a noticeable achievement, as of October 2021, Chennai Super Kings’ valuation shot up to an astonishing $900 million. This remarkable valuation places them on track to become the first sports unicorn from India, symbolizing the team’s exceptional growth and success in the competitive sports market. The current market valuation of CSK is $212 million, the highest among all IPL franchises.

How To Purchase CSK Unlisted Shares? 

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Financial Report Of CSK Unlisted Shares In Last 5 Years (In Crores)

Given below is the financial report of CSK’s last 5 years of financial performance. 

YearRevenue (in Cr.)PATEBITDA MarginProfit MarginSharesEPS

CSK witnessed a fluctuating financial performance over the past five years. In 2018, the company reported a revenue of 4 crore, accompanied by a significant loss of 51.49. Although currently, CSK Share Price is INR 175.00. 

The EBITDA margin stood at 6%, while the profit margin was not available. The number of shares remained constant at 30.815, resulting in a negative EPS of -1.67. However, the subsequent years showed some improvement. 

In 2019, CSK recorded a substantial increase in revenue to 417 crores, generating a profit after tax (PAT) of 111.2 crores. The EBITDA margin surged to 39%, with a corresponding profit margin of 27%. Despite the positive growth, the EPS was still modest at 3.61. 

The company experienced a slight decline in revenue in 2020, reaching 356 crores and a PAT of 50. The EBITDA and profit margins were 21% and 14%, respectively. The EPS for the year stood at 1.63. In 2021, CSK’s revenue decreased further to 253 crores, resulting in a PAT of 40 million. However, the EBITDA margin improved to 26%, and the profit margin was 16%. The EPS for the year declined to 1.33. 

Finally, in 2022, the company witnessed a revenue increase to Rs 349 million but had a PAT of Rs 32 million. The EBITDA margin and profit margin dropped to 15% and 9%, respectively, while the EPS slightly increased to 1.62.

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Over the years, Chennai Super Kings showed an impressive growth and performance in both on-field and off-field. The team’s unlisted shares also performs well and allow investors make a good returns. You can buy CSK pre-IPO stocks from the trust broking platform like Stockify. Check the share price and financial performance of company by analyze various metrics. By doing so, you will make an informing investment decision for better future returns.