Does Your Insurance Cover the Cost of a Lift?

Does Your Insurance Cover the Cost of a Lift?

For some people needing stair lifts, insurance could help cover installation costs. Some private insurance plans and certain Medicare Advantage plans may include coverage for part or all of the stair lift cost. Policies differ by state and company, so chatting with an insurance representative is a good step to see if your insurance covers home improvements or mobility adjustments. Additionally, some local governments offer programs assisting seniors with limited mobility, providing low or no-cost home modification support.

Should You Buy New or Used?

Opting for a new stair lift is the top choice for many, yet it’s also the priceiest. If you don’t need a custom-built system, consider a used stair lift. It can save you $500 to $1,000 compared to buying new. Most used models are in excellent condition and often come with a service warranty.

But there are downsides to used lifts. Since they typically stay in one house for years, the used ones you find might lack the latest features, like smartphone controls. Plus, there’s usually limited selection because they’re sold as they become available, so getting the exact used model you want might be tricky.

Should You Buy or Rent a Stair Lift?

Deciding whether to rent or buy a stair lift is usually straightforward. Renting makes sense for temporary needs or if you plan to move soon. Say you need it for three months—that could cost around $600, much less than buying even a used one.

But if you need it for longer, renting might not be the best cost-wise. For instance, if you need it for at least a year, spending around $2,400 on a lease might be better used to buy your own lift.

Also, not all homes are suitable for rentals, especially those with curved or spiral staircases needing custom installations. Rental units have to be returned, and these installations might not fit that bill.

Which Company Should You Choose?

Buying a stair lift involves more than just space and the lift’s design or cost. It’s crucial to find trustworthy stairlift companies for installation. When picking a stair lift, customers have various choices. Manufacturers offer both straight and curved lifts, so it’s important to make sure the selected brand has the right fit. Different trusted brands of home stair lifts come with slightly varied price ranges.

Should I consider a stair lift?

Adapting a home for better accessibility can get pricey. Installing a walk-in tub, widening doorways, and adding a stair lift can rack up the bills. Yet, these upgrades can significantly ease daily life for people with limited mobility, making the expense often worthwhile. If someone at home is recovering from injury or surgery, facing mobility challenges, feeling uneasy about stairs, or struggling to climb them due to strength issues, a stair lift might just be the answer.

Installing a Stair Lift: DIY or Professional Help?

Sure, trying a DIY stair lift might save some bucks, but it’s not the best move. Even though operating it seems easy, a stair lift is a pretty complex gadget. Getting it set up right matters a lot for safety. Pros who install these are well-trained and can do the job in about 4 to 5 hours, maybe a tad more for really long stairs.