A Flash MP3 Player is a compact portable player that uses embedded flash memory instead of the rotating hard drive.The major reason everyone loves a Flash mp3 juice song download player is that is the smallest MP3 player created today, so you can carry it in your pocket, purse, or briefcase and have your favorite tunes with you everywhere you go.

This type of MP3 player gives you more freedom to have your hands free will, jogging, climbing mountains, sailing, or just pushing the baby carriage. It is the perfect MP3 player for every life-style. Men, women and children will love being able to carry around up to 20 hours of their favorite music with a personal Flash MP3 Player.

The choices of colors and styles will fit any personality and are stylish, dependable, durable, and great to receive as a gift.Once you begin searching for your favorite Flash MP3 Player you will amazed at just how many features these small, compact players have to offer. Some of the most popular features you can find with the various Flash MP3 players include full solid State recording technology, 64MB 128MB or 256MB On-board memory, MP3 Playback, Supports ID3 Tag’s, normal repeats one all shuffle intro playback modes, various equalizer modes – Normal Classic Jazz Rock, hold function, adjustable contrast, file delete mode, search speed and skip speed set, and many other features according to the Flash Mp3 player you choose.

First there was Napster and we didn’t realize how good we had it. I knew several people who had downloaded more than a 1000 songs from that site. I got a grand total of about 50 as I thought there was no hurry. Of course, Napster was suddenly shut down and many of us were left saying “if only I had known”.ThenItunes came along and quickly cornered the market. Everyone I know has Itunes on their computer and that software does work great. But at 99 cents (plus tax) per song, the price of your music library rapidly goes into the hundreds of dollars.

In the last couple of years many sites have sprung up offering unlimited MP3 music and movie downloads for a monthly and yearly fee. If you want a lot of songs on your Ipod like I do then these sites are definitely the way to go.

But how do you find the right download site?Here are some great tips to find a good music download site where you can download unlimited music:Make sure you carefully check the terms and conditions to verify that you can download unlimited music legally. You are paying for it so you want to make sure it legal music.Make sure you sign up at a reputable site that has high downloading speeds. The more reputable sites do not get overloaded when thousands of people are downloading at the same time because they maintain their websites.Customer feedback.

Check to see if you can find positive customer feedback for your chosen site BEFORE you pay them your hard earned dollars.Make sure the site has the type of music and movies you like. It’s not a fun experience to sign up and later find the site is a bit lite on your favorite disco songs from the ’70s.Make sure you understand whether you are signing up for a month, a year, or a lifetime. It’s your choice but you had better be sure you really like the site’s choices if you are going to sign up for a long period of time.