Your journey to Rehab for drug treatment is just but the first step. This is not to discourage you but to prepare you for the work ahead. Drug addiction treatment starts with an important phase: drug rehabilitation at the rehab center. However, this is just the beginning since recovery is a life-long journey that requires constant management and setting goals. However, Rehab is a crucial first step whose significance can never be downplayed.

Recovery Stages

People do not wake up in the morning and decide to start their recovery. It takes a lot of contemplating and decision-making. The back and forth one has with themselves explains how tough commencing this journey is. Recovery is work, and various models have been used to describe the various stages involved. The stages of recovery are one popular model we will look at below. This model summarizes the different rehab stages as pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and termination.

The Pre-Contemplation Stage

This is the stage where the addiction is at its peak or near the tipping point. The problem is extremely severe, and urgent intervention is needed to save the addict from the related pain. Unfortunately, most patients can mask the extent of the pain even at this stage.

The Contemplation Stage

This is the stage where the addict finally contemplates the severity of the addiction and the damage it causes. As a result, there is an increased awareness of the potential repercussions. The addict acknowledges that the severe consequences water down the benefits of the drug; hence most addicts begin to acknowledge that they have a problem that needs fixing.

The Preparation Stage

Once the reality kicks in and the acceptance begins to dawn, the addict begins to acknowledge the positive impacts of getting help. They begin to see how achievable recovery is.

Action Stage

This is when the suffering is too much, and help must be obtained. It is where the rehab programs come in. Recovery fellowships also happen here. This phase can be long to accommodate the goals and needs of the addict. But, it offers a way forward and gives perspective to the direction the adduct wants for their life after Rehab.

Maintenance Stage

This is the stage where the addict is in recovery and has been equipped with all the relevant tools, skills, and techniques to help them safeguard their sobriety. They may still be getting assistance here and there, but they are better off than before.

Termination Stage

This is controversial because it is considered a stage where one’s recovery age typically ends. However, recovery is a continuous journey that never really comes to an end. However, at this stage, one is safe to remain sober on their own because they have made a firm decision despite the numerous deterrents to their course. They are immovable unless forced without their will.

In the end what matters is that you stay committed to being better. It doesn’t matter how fast this happens as long as you are willing to put in the work and stay sober.