When we enter a house, we see its different elements – some unique and unusual while the others may be common and often found in homes. However, what makes a home truly unique is how one uses those common elements and gives it their own style and twist to make them exclusive to themselves. This means that having a sense of flair for creativity and décor would work wonders in making each room of the house stand out in its own way.

Tables – You will find a table in every room of the house. The dining room is the most obvious place with probably the largest table in the house. The pooja room would have a stool-like table, each bedroom would have bedside tables, and the living room would be decorated with a teapoy table or a coffee table. No room is complete without a table and it is often also put to use so it’s not only decorative. However, a table can also be a great item of décor and can make the room unique in design and characteristics.

For the bedroom – Discover a whole new type of table, nested tables, and explore the new ways in which you can make your bedrooms wonderful. You will find the most creative and magnificent designs made in a stylish way that can match every mood. These tables also add a touch of sophistication to the room.

  • Eva Bedside table – Add a hint of color and glamor to your room with this bedside table as it can be a good place to keep your books or meds right by you
  • Alice Side & End table – This style can come in a variety of designs and is highly functional by the sofa /chair in the bedroom or even by the bed. Choose designs in a color that you think will light up the space
  • Lopa Corner table – A table so unique that you would not be able to take your eyes off it. From its shape to its make, everything is instantly eye-catching and will leave you in awe.
  • Irwin Tray Table – Another one of the classic styles of table that can be easily moved from room to room – thus changing the décor slightly along with being useful.

For the living room – Teapots are some of the best accessories (tables) that can be placed in the living room. They are tiny things of beauty and utility. Playing games around these tables, keeping munchies and snacks on them, using them for the evening tea or coffee, placing a vase with flowers on them, the uses can be plenty and one can get super creative with them

  • Marcel coffee table – An ivory finish with an elegant look, this table will look great with a carpet underneath with nude/beige sofas
  • Dyson coffee table – For a rustic and traditional look, this coffee table can go well with that décor.
  • Clair coffee table – The most common design with a little twist with a little place to keep newspapers or other items at the bottom, this table is a classic.

Choose from a wide variety of tables depending on your budget, the place you want to keep them, and the overall use you may have from them. The designs and choices are plenty