The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 changed life as we know it. When it started spreading its effects all across the globe, the people and governments buckled under the pressure of it. A lot of restrictions were placed on the movement of people and all citizens barring the essential service workers found themselves locked up in their homes in order to curb the virus. Social distancing norms were imposed and public gatherings were prohibited. These rules caused severe problems for wedding ceremonies and most weddings were postponed due to the virus.

Now that vaccines have been introduced, the government is slowly easing the norms and rules imposed to curb the virus. Public places and restaurants have opened up and you can now go to malls and markets for shopping. Although, certain restrictions are still in place, you are now allowed to plan your wedding with a few people in attendance.

If you are planning to get married, you have two alternatives. You can choose an intimate wedding with only your close family and friends in attendance and throw a reception later at a more convenient date when all government restrictions have been eased and you can invite a large number of people. You can live stream your intimate wedding for family and friends so that they also get to be a part of the ceremony where you will be decked up in a beautiful white dress wearing diamond jewellery like diamond earrings and diamond tennis bracelets. If you want to have this intimate wedding at home, then according to government rules only the immediate family of the bride and groom apart from the officiator should be present. If you’re having it in an open place like your backyard, then you will have to get the venue assessed for the number of people it can accommodate without increasing the risk of infection.

Another option that you have is to have a traditional church wedding and reception where you can invite only a limited number of people depending upon the venue.There no restrictions on the table service, dancing and singing so you can dance your heart out and maybe have a few live performances as well. It is not mandatory for the wedding guests, the couple and the officiator to wear masks and the social distancing norms have also been axed.It is up to the couple to exercise judgement and decide if they still want their guests to wear a face covering especially those who are clinically vulnerable to the virus. Irrespective of the wedding rules and regulations the government has urged all the people to get vaccinated at the earliest so that public gatherings and events can be organized in a safe manner.

The easing of the lockdown rules has come as an exciting news for couples who wish to get married in the near future. So, get ready to go shopping for your wedding dress and diamond tennis bracelet London and start preparing for your much awaited wedding day.

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