Are you planning to send some edibles to your loved ones abroad? We very well know that food we love the most is the only thing that reminds us a lot of our home. This is the reason why we have come up with a list of do’s and don’ts of food parcels, so next time you won’t be facing any issues while sending someone his or her favorite food.

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When it involves sending food packages to Germany, France, The USA, or any other country via courier service, the guidelines are exceptionally simple: You can not ship any meals objects which are classed as perishables (things that can be damaged or spoiled during transit). This is the maximum essential rule of all, and everything is fine as long as you are following this rule.

Foods that are allowed and  blocked for Abroad shipping

  • Store-Bought Food Items
  • Christmas Hampers
  • Home-Made Food
  • Customs

Store-Bought Food Items

Store-bought items that can be shipped –

Foods need to be withinside the unique producers packaging.

Food packaging needs to be sealed and now no longer tampered with in any manner.

Food labels need to list all components.

Foods need to have a shelf life of longer than 6 months from the date of transport.

All meals which have a shelf life of not more than 6 months might be classed as perishables, and can not be despatched by courier, even if they are bought from any store.

How to Ship Food Items

  • Don’t ship meals that need to be saved in temperature-managed surroundings in transit (refrigerated, frozen or chilled) as they may wreck by the point they attain their destination.
  • Don’t assume your meals parcel to be saved ‘this manner up’ in the course of transit.
  • Don’t ship meals that are limited for import into the final country.
  • Always make sure your meals objects have a label honestly showing all of the components and the ‘expiration date’ due to the fact customs government might also additionally take a look at those upon import.
  • We always recommend our readers properly pack the food items as they can be placed upside down during the shipping process. Also, it is important to properly wrap the individual items withinside your single parcel for utmost safety and protection.
  • Whether you are sending a package to Germany or in any other country, you should always take a look at the import regulations of that country, to keep away from sending meals that are prohibited on the vacation spot. If you’re not sure of the way to test these facts, then contact the responsible parcel authority and ask them your doubts regarding the shipments of a particular meal.

Sending Christmas Hampers

Every year, an increasing number of human beings are selected to cheer up their cherished ones with a Christmas hamper full of scrumptious yule treats. And why not? Who doesn’t love receiving a mouth-watering choice in their favored Christmas meals?

Fortunately, sending Christmas hampers is normally pretty honest as long as you persist with the guidelines. Don’t ship hampers that consist of alcohol or liquids of any kind. Alcohol and flammable drinks are prohibited objects and can not be dispatched with the courier.

How to Ship Christmas Hampers

  • Don’t neglect that candies may be suffering from the warmth in case you are sending you impede to a tropical or warm country. Chocolate has an inclination to become white if it comes in contact with heat, so make certain you choose white chocolate if that is a concern.
  • Don’t surround the impeded container without any inner cushioning and wish this may be sufficient to hold it safe in transit.
  • Don’t simply claim your items as ‘Christmas Hamper’ at the customs bill. If you do, then it’s very likely that customs officers at the alternative end will need to open the impede to discover precisely what’s in it.
  • Don’t gift wrap the impede as customs officers might also additionally need to open it on the way to look into the contents, and we can’t assure they may keep the wrapping paper.
  • Make sure all objects within the impede are cushioned and fit snugly inner to keep away from any undesirable motion in the course of transit.
  • Always make sure you wrap your whole impede in numerous layers of appropriate cushioning substances which include bubble wrap earlier than setting it within the container in case you need the impede to reach with no minor dents or bruises.
  • Do take a look at that every object on your impede is allowed for import into the country you’re transporting to. Some international locations may be very strict with their import rules so it’s important you take a look at this earlier. Contact your delivery service customer support crew when you have any doubt about sending your Christmas impede.
  • Make sure to list every single item in the invoice

Home-made Foods

Unfortunately, homemade meals and baked items normally fall into the class of perishable meals as they do not have preservatives and could consequently burst off or wreck in the course of transit.

All meals objects classed as perishables aren’t authorized for delivery by courier, however right here are a few beneficial guidelines to send the favorite food of your loved ones;

How to Ship Homemade Food:

  • Don’t attempt to cheat the machine by passing off your homemade meals as items bought from a store because there are set penalties for this type of crime.
  • Don’t neglect that a few international locations might not allow some meals to be imported into their state, so continually check earlier that the objects you’re sending aren’t classed as prohibited or limited for import to keep away from delays together with your delivery.
  • Do ship your recipes for your home-cooked meals so the one that you love can recreate their favored treats in their kitchen.
  • Make sure to send baking kits and utensils along with your cooking recipe.