Pandemic! It is feeding upon all that once was good and joyous! Things are no more the way they used to be! Businesses have fallen dead. People have lost their jobs. And if we just look at the field of education, it has suffered the most. The sweetly noisy lawns of classrooms are dead silent! And this is a question of the world’s future! Children need to be educated to keep the cycle running with grace. For this very reason, quality Online Schooling / Learning has come for a rescue in the time being. There are many prestigious quality systems like .

But there is an issue rising alongside too – It is a child’s safety in an online learning environment. How can you ensure that your child is safe from the possible harms?

Tips to ensure a Child’s safety for Online Schooling / Learning!

The best way to ensure that your child’s education goes well is to create a safe and secure learning environment. These tips come extremely helpful in the case of kids who are too small to understand the technology.

Give your child a learning environment for Online Schooling!

We humans learn more in a focused environment. This is the reason that there are rooms dedicated to special activities like education, sports, karate, etc. When the mind is focused, creativity takes a surge and memories form well.

Dedicate a room and a place for your child’s learning. However, make sure that the place is not too isolated. Your child must have this in mind that there is somebody looking after him/her.

Do not watch television or play music at the time when your child is going through his/her online schooling.

Protect the device from online threats!

The next thing you’d want to do is to ensure that your child’s device is protected from online threats. Here are few tips that you’d want to follow to ensure online safety of your child

  • Install an antivirus on the learning / schooling device.
  • Have a VPN installed to give an extra layer of protection. This will ensure that your child is not being tracked by cyber predators!
  • Almost every system comes with Parental Control. Check out for it in your device and turn it on.
  • Use CommonSenseMedia to check for inappropriate content!
  • Keep a watch on installed apps on the device. Never ignore what is there on the device.
  • Teach your child how to use the Internet and Social Media.
  • Cover the Camera of the device using Camera Cover Clips.
  • Be in constant touch with their teachers regarding Cyberbullying.
  • Keep a watch on your child’s behavior. It will speak much more than your child will. If your child is behaving oddly, be warned!

Protect your child’s eye!

The good thing about online schooling / learning is that you can get it from anywhere. The bad thing about it is how the screens harm the eyes. Although screens do not harm eyes in the short term, you’d want to ensure it in case of online classes. Your child might suffer from eye fatigue due to no UV protection. Furthermore, it leads to a brutal disruption in the sleep cycle. This leads to diseases and chronic health issues.

To ensure that your child is safe from harmful screen light, here are few tips:

  • Either cover the screen with a UV filter screen or give your child some UV protection glasses.
  • Ask them to take a small one minute break every 20 minutes.
  • Do not let them use the device overnight.
  • Because Online Schooling is necessary, you’d want to limit their screen time by limiting their other online activities.
  • Play outside with your child. Natural sunlight increases our happy hormones, while a lack of sunlight leads to depression. Take your child out and promote a healthy relationship.

Teach your child the beauty of time management!

You cannot just tell a child in plain voice that time management is important. The child won’t connect and find it to be a burden. This will impact negatively instead. Rather, teach your child time management in a way that your child connects. Tell your child stories that tell the importance of time. Serve yourself as an example. Reward your child when s/he shows you some effort.

These are a few tips that you’d want to make sure of. Your child’s safety is something which should be prime to you. They are innocent, but you are not. Choose for them a high quality Online Schooling that takes care of your child’s safety too – Let us all create together a beautiful learning environment.