Happy Languages offers a wide choice of online Spanish courses: based in London since 2013, this language school introduced many online learning options to meet the needs of all those students who prefer to take remote lessons.

Nowadays learning online is quite common, especially considering that it implies some important advantages, such as avoiding the commute and therefore saving time and money. This is particularly relevant in a huge city like London, where fitting some extra activities in the daily schedule can be very challenging!

Flexibility is one of the most important aspects of all the online Spanish courses, either one-to-one or in groups, since students can learn Spanish from their house or office anywhere in the UK.

One-to-one tuition

If you are too busy at work and can’t commit to group courses, one-to-one lessons are just perfect, not only because you can plan your classes according to your schedule but also because you can have your lesson online from your cosy sofa or from your office at lunch time!

Whenever you prefer, Happy Languages is happy to help you find the right tutor and agree days and times at your convenience, which is really helpful when you want to learn a language despite your busy life!

Crash Courses

Every other month, Happy Languages offers a Beginner 1 Crash Course over a weekend: 8 hours in total, 4 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday from 10am to 2pm, to cover all the Beginner 1 contents in a very intensive way. This means that students focus on the same grammar, vocabulary and communication topics, however the practice is much shorter.

The course is delivered online via Zoom, which makes it very convenient for students who want to dedicate some time to the language but still wish to enjoy their days off. This course is very good for those who have already started learning Spanish in the past and want to brush their knowledge up or for people who feel like going through the basics quickly and get ready to join the following level.

Conversation Class

Another great way to learn Spanish online at Happy Languages is taking part in the conversation class that is held every other month, on the last Saturday of the month.

This class is open to students of all levels, except total beginners who would not be able to take advantage of the conversation. Each class is planned with the aim of talking about different topics that may be of interest for all the students, so Spanish culture and traditions, festivities, current affairs, holidays, food and much more!

Students have the chance to speak Spanish with classmates and teacher, practising grammar and vocabulary that have learnt. Also, they can acquire some knowledge about the culture of Spanish speaking countries, which can turn out to be very useful when travelling and meeting people.

Live streaming lessons

Last but not least, there is a fantastic online learning opportunity for all the Spanish students who want to improve their skills: free live streaming lessons once per month about a number of interesting grammar topics, idiomatic expressions and useful vocabulary to use. The lesson is live on Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and LinkedIn so it’s really easy to follow it using any device!

During the streaming participants can interact with the teacher asking questions and then they can do some practice through a nice activity at the end!

This is a fantastic way to learn something new having fun from the comfort of your home!